Des. Erik Rehl


When Boris Met Dave


A photo shows ten teenagers standing in an Oxford quad wearing exquisitely tailored tailcoats, ready for a night of fine dining and drinking. Among them, are two men who would go on to be the most powerful Conservative politicians in the country: Boris Johnson and David Cameron.


But how has their shared past at Eton and Oxford, where they were both members of elite drinking society the Bullingdon Club, prepared them for high office in 21st century Britain? When Boris Met Dave is a docu-drama looking at the Oxford of the mid-eighties. Revealing new interviews with Johnson and Cameron’s contemporaries and current political commentators are interspersed with witty and irreverent dramatic scenes inspired by their recollections.


Interviewees include Oxford alumni Michael Cockerell, Toby Young, James Delingpole, Rachel Johnson, Lloyd Evans and US pollster Frank Luntz plus biographers James Hanning and Frances Elliot (Cameron), Andrew Gimson (Johnson) and author Nick Fraser (The Importance of Being Eton).


Directed by John Dower (BAFTA-nominated for Thriller in Manila) and narrated by Anthony Head, the dramatic scenes were written by Lindsay Shapero with John Dower, Lloyd Evans and co-producer Toby Young. Christian Brassington (St Trinian’s – The Legend of Fritton’s Gold, Land Girls, Tony Blair: Rock Star) plays Boris Johnson and Jonny Sweet (Best Newcomer, Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2009) appears as David Cameron.