Des. Erik Rehl


The story of martial arts clubs who have created their own city infrastructure after tiring of government initiatives. Responding to the greed and corruption creeping into the other clubs, headed by capitalist-wannabe Moses, The Purifiers battle to maintain the successful system which has rid the city of crime and violence. Written by Anonymous

“If there’s trouble, we get outta there. Those we get separated, it’s up to them to find their way home.” With these rules, John and his team of warriors who call themselves the Purifiers set out into the Central Zones with other gangs for a meeting with rich capitalist warrior Moses. Moses and his associates believe that with the upcoming election, it’s time for a new leader to work within the establishment and create a new world of order. And once he’s on the inside, he promises the gangs who unite alongside him true power, profit and freedom. However, the Purifiers are a self-contained unit that fights chaos and crime by working outside the realms of the law to preserve the balance of power. They’re totally against this concept of unity, as it goes against everything they stand for. But Moses makes it quite clear that those who aren’t with him, are against him and his visions and must leave immediately. The Purifiers do so and before they know it, the various gangs, ranging from the Angels, to the Pumas, to the Eels are now trying to rub them out, as they try to make way to their own turf. The gangs want a piece of the action that Moses has offered and each will get their slice of the pie, if and only if, the Purifiers are stamped out of existence because they’re an obstacle at this point. However, Moses is merely using this as a test to see what the Purifiers are made of, as he sees potential in John and wants him to work alongside with Moses to realize his goal. As the Purifiers get split up, they decide to go back into the Central Zones to find Raz (the new recruit) and Sol (John’s second-in-command), two of their own who went missing in action at the time of the chase. As Li, John’s home-girl, tries to piece the puzzle together, she fears that someone within their ranks has turned traitor and is working with Moses to set the Purifiers up for their downfall. While clashing with the various other gangs who are determined to wipe them out, allies will become enemies, truths will be revealed and loyalties will be tested. The question is will the Purifiers still be united and standing as one when the carnage is over?