LOOP theatre group get physical at the Riverside Museum LOOP theatre group get physical at the Riverside Museum
By Douglas Barrie on Saturday 15 March 2014 Share

The old streets of the Riverside Museum will be playing host to a few new visitors for one day only.

LOOP Theatre is an inclusive drama group featuring both professional performers and young people with learning disabilities.

The Look Beyond show, which was previously on at Kelvingrove Museum, features pieces made by the performers themselves in and around different exhibits of their surroundings.

Laura Edwards, who started the group 18 months ago, said: “It’s incredibly rewarding because it’s like an adventure.

“I have to decide who would work well with who and seeing real genuine work and beautiful connections between two people.

“Quite often the participants have less boundaries, so they’re just much more open, which allows the professionals to express themselves a bit more as well.

“There’ll be a few more of these events, then we’re going to put in for funding for an even bigger show.”

The Riverside Museum performance is the second of four, with the next one coming to the Gallery of Modern Art.

Despite running for 18 months, LOOP was only registered as a company last May.

Laura said: “We were an idea two years ago and we started coming together and meeting up for workshops and a summer school.

“I did a show two years ago and was teaching in this area for a long, long time. I love teaching children with additional needs and I use physical theatre and invited some of my friends at work to perform as well and support the show.

“The friends I spoke to loved it and we thought we should form a company. We had this desire to do something bigger and independent of education as well. Although it is educational they’re not being driven by different targets yet.

“We’re like a big family now, it’s just lovely. It’s so important for me that everyone is seen as an artist and performer in their own right.”

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