Short film for Place2Be charity.


Des. Erik Rehl


Last Tango in Croydon stars veteran actors Keith Barron and Peter Baldwin and was screened at the Sanctum hotel, Soho, on July 14. All the proceeds of the film go to charity.

The story centres around two frustrated people – old Joe and young Joe. Neither of them are having a good day when they meet at old Joe’s nursing home but after sharing a daydream or two the day does not seem so bad after all.


Creator Danny Somekh wanted to raise awareness for the children’s charity the Place2Be, which provides counselling to children with emotional problems.

Mr Somekh said: “I was looking for an alternative to running a marathon or climbing Kilimanjaro. Within weeks of coming up with the concept I found myself on location in a dilapidated nursing home surrounded by an amazing cast and crew.

“The whole thing just snowballed beyond my control and became a lot bigger than me.”

After Mr Somekh sent out a call for assistance through his pleas caught the attention of filmmaker Armand Attard, who took the project on without hesitation.

The two brought together an “eclectic” mix of film and creative professionals including Bafta-nominated writer Simon Riley, photographer Glenn Dearing and digital support company Mytherapy.

Mr Somek said: “It’s been a rollercoaster ride but I’m really excited about how the film has come together.

“In some ways it’s a big experiment; we could be inadvertently creating an alternative model to the cap in hand approach most charities currently take.

“Film is the perfect medium when trying to grab attention in such an overcrowded and competitive marketplace – I hope this will be the first of many similar collaborative projects.”

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