Des. James Lapsley


Let Us Prey’ is a horror film starring Liam Cunningham which was filmed in Solas Studios, Co. Galway.

Directed by Brian O’Malley, the cast includes Liam Cunningham (‘Hunger’, ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’, ‘Game of Thrones’), Pollyanna McIntosh (‘Love Eternal’), Hanna Stanbridge (‘Outcast’), Bryan Larkin, Niall Greig Fulton, Douglas Russell, Jonathan Watson, James McCreadie, Brian Vernel and Sophie Stephanie Farmer.


Producers for the film are Brendan McCarthy (‘Wakewood’, ‘Outcast’), John McDonnell (‘Song for a Raggy Boy’, ‘The Last Days on Mars’, ‘Wakewood’) and Eddie Dick (‘Outcast’, ‘Behind the Lines’). Director of photography is Piers McGrail (‘Kelly + Victor’).


Written by Rae Brunton, David Cairns and Fiona Watson, the plot follows Rachel (McIntosh), who begins her first nightshift in a remote police station where she encounters an enigmatic stranger (Cunningham) in Cell Six who gradually takes over the minds of inmates and staff.


The film was shot in Solas Studios, Co. Galway and in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.


Editing will be done at Windmill Lanes by Tony Kearns (‘Kelly + Victor’). Post-production will also be carried out at Windmill Lane, Dublin.


The film is funded by Creative Scotland, Irish Film Board, Greenhouse Media, the Irish Film Board and Section 481.


’Let Us Prey’ is a co-production between Fantastic Films and Makar Productions in Scotland. The film is due to be released by AV Pictures in 2014.