For the 2366, the USS Firm-C emerged regarding a-temporal crack

For the 2366, the USS Firm-C emerged regarding a-temporal crack

Borg King

For the 2063, inside the Borg attack to your Company-Elizabeth, which had showed up from the seasons 2373, Research try abducted from the a beneficial Borg drone. Not able to assimilate the android, the Borg King attempted to bribe Research into subservience by offering him live flesh in lieu of his polymer. Data starred together, that have advised intimate connections into the Borg Queen, whom desired him since the someone to help ease the latest loneliness from the girl part because one individual about Collective, Data basically ‘replacing’ Locutus. Analysis at some point deceived the latest Borg Queen Rencontres religieuses applications pour iPhone, killing the girl with warp system coolant, that can got rid of the skin she got grafted on to your. The guy next accepted to Picard you to a part of your is actually nonetheless disappointed on the woman dying, listing you to the girl render to take him closer to Humanity got briefly attracted him (albeit for only 0.68 moments, a span one to, centered on Studies, translates – to possess an android os – to help you “nearly forever”). ( Superstar Trek: Very first Get in touch with )

Option insights and you will timelines

The disappearance throughout the year 2344 brought about an adjusted timeline, the spot where the Federation try losing a war up against the Klingons. Data had been the ship’s surgery administrator. ( TNG : ” Yesterday’s Organization “)

Lieutenant Worf found good quantum fissure hence caused your to begin moving forward between quantum insights in 2370. In a lot of galaxies, Data was still this new Enterprise’s businesses manager, and you will attended a shock party having Worf. In the at least one of them knowledge, Data’s eyes was indeed bluish rather than the attribute yellow.

An additional reality, Studies had been the fresh businesses manager and you will second administrator but was outranked of the Leader Worf, who served once the ship’s very first manager less than Master Riker, Picard having been destroyed regarding Battle regarding Wolf 359 within the 2367. This version of Research theorized this could well be it is possible to so you’re able to seal the latest fissure if for example the shuttlecraft Curie on the number one fact re-inserted the newest fissure and you will released a general spectrum warp occupation. Considering Captain Picard, the content regarding prie achievement. All of the incidents following Worf’s encounter was in fact deleted about schedule given that fissure are close. ( TNG : ” The thing is that “)

During the an unknown, alternate coming schedule, Analysis is actually a teacher (the fresh Lucasian Professor of Math) within Cambridge College and you will stayed from the Isaac Newton’s house with an effective housekeeper and several kittens. Seem to within future, he’d grasped the thought of humor, saying that their housekeeper Jessel produced your make fun of. As well, his casual message had a great deal more nuance and you may inflection, and then he appeared to have now overcome making use of contractions. He had and additionally colored section of his hair grey as he considered that they produced your browse well known. Although not, Jessel was of your own thoughts this produced your look like a “bloody skunk.” ( TNG : ” All of the Nutrients. “)


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