In particular, Nwoye, Okonkwo’s eldest child, likes Ikemefuna instance a sibling

In particular, Nwoye, Okonkwo’s eldest child, likes Ikemefuna instance a sibling

The bulk of new novel happens in Umuofia, a group out-of 9 villages to your down Niger. Umuofia is a robust clan, competent in the conflict sufficient reason for a society, which have pleased life and you may advanced societal institutions.

Okonkwo features increased from the ground upwards in order to a leading condition. Compliment of time and energy, he has got become a boy among their some one. He’s got pulled three spouses and his barn is filled with yams, new staple collect. The guy legislation his family relations that have an iron little finger.

Eventually, a surrounding clan commits an offense facing Umuofia. To avoid conflict, the fresh unpleasant clan gets Umuofia you to definitely virgin and something young boy. The woman is to try to get to be the upset party’s the new partner. Brand new man, whoever name is Ikemefuna, will be sacrificed, yet not immediately. He lives in Umuofia for three many years, and during those times the guy lifestyle around Okonkwo’s rooftop. The guy gets like a part of Okonkwo’s nearest and dearest. However, ultimately the Oracle calls for the new boy’s demise, and a group of guys take Ikemefuna away to kill your throughout the tree. Okonkwo, afraid to be regarded as soft-hearted and you can weak, participates from the boy’s dying. The guy do thus despite the pointers of one’s clan parents. Nwoye is spiritually damaged from the skills.

She enjoys the girl fiercely

Okonkwo try shaken as well, however, the guy continues on together with his drive being a good lord out-of his clan. Ekwefi has actually produced ten pupils, however, simply Ezinma has endured. Ezinma is actually sickly, and regularly Ekwefi fears one to Ezinma, as well, often die. Late one night, the newest strong Oracle out of Umuofia brings Ezinma together for a religious stumble on on the earth goddess. Terrified, Ekwefi follows the fresh Oracle well away, fearing harm might arrived at the girl guy. Okonkwo uses, as well.

Afterwards, during the a funeral for example of one’s high guys of your own clan, Okonkwo’s firearm explodes, destroying a child. Prior to Umuofia’s rules, Okonkwo along with his family members should be exiled to own eight many years.

Okonkwo bears the fresh exile bitterly. Main so you’re able livelinks üyelik to his thinking is actually faith you to definitely a guy gurus their individual fate. Nevertheless the accident and you will exile was facts you to in certain cases son dont control his own destiny, and you can Okonkwo is actually forced to start once more without having any strength and effort off his childhood. He flees together with family so you can Mbanto, their mother’s homeland. Here they are obtained because of the their mother’s relatives, which get rid of them nicely. His mom’s nearest and dearest are on course by the Uchendu, Okonkwo’s sibling, a reasonable and you will wise old man.

During Okonkwo’s exile, the fresh white child comes to both Umuofia and you can Mbanto. The brand new missionaries arrive basic, preaching a religion you to definitely looks mad towards the Igbo some body. It win transforms, but usually the converts are men out-of reduced rating or outcasts. However, in time, the brand new religion development momentum. Nwoye will get a change. Whenever Okonkwo discovers out of Nwoye’s conversion process, he sounds the fresh new guy. Nwoye will leave family.

Okonkwo yields so you can Umuofia to discover the clan unfortunately altered. The chapel has actually acquired certain transforms, several of who try fanatical and disrespectful away from clan customized. Even worse, brand new white people’s government has come so you’re able to Umuofia. This new clan is no longer free to courtroom its own; a community Administrator evaluator cases from inside the lack of knowledge. He or she is supported by equipped power.

He could be usually troubled of the Nwoye, however, they have great fascination with their child Ezinma, their child of the his second girlfriend Ekwefi

Throughout a spiritual meeting, a convert unmasks one of many clan spirits. The latest offense try grave, and also in response the fresh new clan find your church will zero expanded become greet in the Umuofia. They tear the building down. Soon afterwards, new Area Administrator requires the latest leadership of your clan, Okonkwo among them, to come discover your having a peaceful fulfilling. The latest leadership arrive, and they are quickly captured. When you look at the prison, he or she is ashamed and you will defeated, and are generally held through to the clan pays a heavy good.

After a launch of new boys, brand new clan phone calls a conference to decide whether or not they commonly strive otherwise try to real time peacefully on whites. Okonkwo desires war. In fulfilling, judge messengers arrive at purchase the brand new boys to split upwards the event. The brand new clan group meetings certainly are the heart from Umuofia’s regulators; every decisions are achieved democratically, and you may an interference with this organization mode the termination of the new past vestiges off Umuofia’s versatility. Annoyed, Okonkwo kills the new judge live messenger. Additional judge messengers eliminate, and because others folks of his clan didn’t grab her or him, Okonkwo understands that his people will maybe not prefer combat. Their operate regarding opposition won’t be accompanied by anyone else. Embittered and you can grieving towards destruction away from their people’s independence, and fearing brand new embarrassment off dying below white laws, Okonkwo yields family and you will hangs himself.

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