Good app but it could use some changes

1. Sign up for one of our date night events, based on your location or interests.2. We schedule 5+ video dates for that evening.3. You have just a few minutes to connect live on video.2. After the date, decide whether to pass or continue chatting over text / video.

We make sure you’re safe with the report feature so there is no silly business. Meet real people, start going on dates, and finally no more catfishing!

Ratings and Reviews

This app is a really good idea, but it does have some issues. The first issue is that people don’t show up for dates a lot of times. Most of the nights where I had a date lined up my date ended up cancelling on me. Sometimes I’ve even had multiple dates cancel on me in the same night. The other issue is that most of the people that you get matched with end up living too far away from you for you to ever meet them in real life. The last issue I would like to see changed is for there to be more events to go to. Overall this app is a good idea but it could use some changes.

A Refreshing Twist to Dating Apps

But how else were we able to gauge who we’d get along with? There was a significant hole in dating apps that couldn’t replace the natural intricacies and delights of meeting someone in person – where you can be attracted to someone who can surprise you and be a better fit than your ideal mold of a person. I think Filter Off provides that bridge, where you can get the close to that magic of meeting of someone in person. Of course it’s a hit or a miss, and it can be frustrating not knowing if someone checks off your boxes, and the app itself can use some upgrades and has some ways to go, but I can totally see this app becoming the new frontier of dating in the future and perhaps replace the monotony and paradox of choice in the current leading dating apps. (more…)