Brand new activities in dollification is called “Owner”and you may “doll”; this is exactly similar to a master/slave or Dom/sub matchmaking

”deFUNition”: A term made use of contained in this glossary to point your after the text message is supposed to own entertainment, not to ever be studied seriously.

diaper companion (get a hold of mature infant): 1. Individual that dresses and you can/or character takes on this new part of an infant or infant. Sophisticated money dos. Person who has dressed in and/or recovering on their own from inside the diapers, instead of always indulging into the role gamble.

abuse (discover prize, punishment): Any craft where one person trains another individual to act otherwise react into the a designated way, commonly because of the implementing tight codes away from make or by imposing discipline for incapacity to do something throughout the recommended means.

dollification: the process of evolving, emotionally and myself, to the a good “life style doll.” People that attention this process-along with those people who are in the middle of brand new processes or have previously attained a consequence-could be referred to as “dolls,” and more than notice also is owned.

Mental characteristics off a model become but are not limited in order to: excitement from objectification and you will pure subservience, the underlying have a tendency to are switched compliment of your own and you will/otherwise outside pushes towards an income model, sooner or later, the capacity to be/select on your own when you look at the an excellent dollific fashion, that the toy tend to continuously make an effort to go and you can/otherwise raise.

Whilst not most of the that have these natural characteristics have a tendency to accept her or him, it generally does not alter that it’s element of who it was of course. (more…)