They’re men, they’re adorable, plus they get involved when you look at the a good amount of relationship crisis with the sci-fi/fantasy adventures out-of Younger Avengers

Iceman is an appealing contour inside Marvel cannon, and potentially a test situation with other queer letters in the future. Among the unique X-Boys, he had been illustrated once the straight having . (I state he had been outed unlike coming-out willingly just like the Jean Grey shoved him outside of the pantry from the discovering his mind. It had been a complete material.)

In the event you understand the X-Males in the clips, he could be the brand new ice-pushed teenager who dates Rogue in the unique X-Guys trilogy. Thanks to the X-Men comics’ love of big date take a trip hijinks, there are in fact a couple items of the character currently: An adolescent Iceman whom knew he had been homosexual after Jean Grey realize their attention, and a grownup type who stayed in the fresh closet and you may dated female for decades, however, appeared just after being confronted with their younger worry about. (more…)