How to Meet Someone IRL, in Case You Really Hate Dating Apps

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s been single in the last few years and hasn’t downloaded a dating app, at least for a day. And ask any of your recently coupled friends how they met their S/O, and they’ll likely tell you it started with a swipe.

Sure, it’s a testament to the fact that dating apps can work. But being constantly connected in a prescriptive, app-based search for love isn’t an approach that suits everyone.

So, how can you meet a potential partner in a digitally-driven dating world if sorting through pics isn’t your style but you’re still looking to add some love to your life (for the health and happiness benefits, obviously!)?

We consulted two dating coaches to get expert advice on how to sign off Tinder for good and start your next relationship with some real face-to-face time…instead of on FaceTime.

1. Go where other single people are

When you think about it, singles events are basically the IRL version of a dating app––a bunch of available people actively looking to date, all conveniently located in one space. “Go out two to three times a week to events bbpeoplemeet profile search where single people go,” advises matchmaker, Karenna Alexander. “Speed dating, singles events, charity events, happy hours, venues where live bands play, and anywhere else you know of in your area where singles congregate.” And even if you don’t meet anyone on your first few tries, going to these events will help you get into the swing of things and gain more confidence. (more…)