Additionally, even in the event gender variations was questioned, we discovered zero differences between people

Additionally, even in the event gender variations was questioned, we discovered zero differences between people

If you are these answers are distinguished, we compared and that design fitted the information greatest using the Design AIC and you can Design CAIC coefficients to have non-nested design contrasting and every models’ fit indicator. The initial design had a far greater match (Model AIC=; Design CAIC=-; NFI = .92; NNFI = .92; CFI = .94; RMSEA = .08) compared to the alternative design (Design AIC = & CAIC=-; NFI = .91; NNFI = .91; CFI = .93; RMSEA = .09). The difference in the fit along the two patterns suggests the brand spanking new model’s theoretical rationale fits the knowledge finest (Byrne, 1994).


We developed a structural design to evaluate if interactions and self-confident skills with homosexuals, observed similarities with peers’ thinking to the homosexuality, and you can religiosity was in fact predictive of sexual bias one of a people out-of Puerto Rican teenagers. All of our findings highly recommend most of the latent parameters, with the exception of peers’ thinking towards the homosexuality, predicted swoop price participants’ intimate bias on gay people. While you are earlier experts discovered sexual bias is high for males than simply ladies (Kite, 1992; Herek, 2000b), we had been incapable of simulate these types of overall performance.

A lot more lookup on potential relationship between sexual bias and you will social media qualities try rationalized to assess these effects

The amount of homosexual individuals understood by participants quicker its reported sexual bias to your homosexual anyone. It interested in means that Puerto Rican youth’s sexual prejudice may be influenced by the lack of experience of gays and lesbians. Brand new stigmatization off gay men about Puerto Rican people will get restriction certain students’ exposure to gay males and you will lesbians. Inside society, providing into the-group boards which have homosexual boys and lesbians, such as for instance, will get helps students’ relationships with homosexual men and you will lesbians. Most other boffins found this type of class room points fall off certain heterosexual’s negative appraisals on homosexual men and lesbians (Sakalli & Ugurlu, 2001).

All of our conclusions along with advise that participants’ positive feel with gay boys and you can lesbians exert an affect within sexual bias toward gay some one. Participants’ remember out of positive event which have gay people and lesbians are strongly predictive of the sexual prejudice. More over, the clear presence of a confident association anywhere between participants’ affairs that have homosexuals and their recollection of confident knowledge using this type of group ways a keen iterative processes for which Puerto Rican young people you can expect to boost or drop off their intention to interact having homosexual someone at later on times. These types of conclusions recommend that Puerto Rican younger adults’ appraisals of the contact with gay men and women are particularly important in construction and you may implementation of products to cut back sexual bias. Affairs and options producing a host where enjoy and you may open dialogue was normalized will get facilitate self-confident interchanges. Search about what comprises self-confident skills between Puerto Rican heterosexual and you can homosexual folks becomes necessary.

When you find yourself participants’ recognized parallels which have peers’ attitudes for the homosexuality turned-out to help you be low-predictive out-of intimate prejudice, reasonable contacts anywhere between so it predictor and you will participants’ connections and you may self-confident experiences that have gay someone was basically located. Understood fellow similarities have been discovered so you can reflect respondents’ normative viewpoints to your homosexuality in order to feel predictive away from intimate prejudice (Herek & Gonzalez-Rivera, within the press). However, we propose two arguments to have why intimate bias was not predicted by participants’ fellow parallels inside the perceptions toward homosexuality. Very first, professionals in this decide to try could possibly get forget about friends’ thinking toward homosexuality and you can build their particular values and you can viewpoints from the gay individuals. 2nd, people will get mingle when you look at the companies where peers keep equivalent attitudes to your gay men and women.

Religiosity are discovered to be the best predictor out of sexual prejudice inside our analyses. Extremely Puerto Ricans follow particular translation of the Religious tradition. Provided Christianity’s posture towards the homosexuality as a wicked lifetime, this is simply not stunning to get a strong bad connection anywhere between religiosity and sexual prejudice (Diaz, 1998; Company, 1995). Also, we expected if religiosity could increase intimate prejudice from the increasing participants’ ethical opposition to engage having gay some body and you may/otherwise perceive people interactions having homosexual men just like the confident. However, an architectural model having religiosity anticipating intimate bias alongside the most other data details are discovered to be unsound and you can volatile. Ergo, we really do not believe religiosity is the riding foundation for everyone almost every other investigation parameters. While you are an input to decrease individuals’ religiosity try shady, i carry out recommend unlock discussions off Christianity’s position into the sexual orientation rather than homosexual behaviors in this religious setup (Wager, Serafini, Rabkin, Remien, & Williams, 1994). These types of things can get clean out Puerto Rican’s bad attitudes for the homosexual guys and lady by eliminating the focus away from stigma throughout the homosexual personal in order to a specific sexual decisions.

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